14/6/2022 6:06 pm  #1

Bing Holiday Inn Pipe by Merchant Service Pipes

If you do a search for "Bing panel pipe" you will see they did a great job reproducing the pipe.


From the site:

"A classic in any era our handsome four square is available in multiple finishes. The inspiration for our design came from a pipe Bing was smoking in the famous film “Holidy Inn”."


14/6/2022 8:17 pm  #2

Re: Bing Holiday Inn Pipe by Merchant Service Pipes

Well, interesting find there.   If I smoked I'd choose that pipe as one.  But fear of mouth cancer over powers my desire to look classy.  Even Bing had to give up smoking due to the same reasons.   Poor Burl Ives didn't give it up and died of mouth cancer.  A horrible way to go as they have to remove the jaw and teeth.  Really bad what happens with just a simple innocent looking pipe.


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