21/12/2021 6:57 pm  #1

A Real Bing Crosby Christmas Show Just In Time

If you're looking for a really nice Bing Crosby Christmas radio show to listen to, I just posted the Bing Chesterfield Show with his special guest star Ethel Barrymore.   On Christmas Eve I used to listen to the Bing Philco show where he did The Small One for many years but about 10 or so years ago I started listening to this Bing Christmas show every Christmas Eve the one with Ethel Barrymore.   I find this show most relaxing and enjoyable listening.   I found I enjoy this show more than the one with Small One, so it's been my new Bing Christmas Eve tradition.  If you'd like to hear it too it's now ready to listen to on Sounds Like Radio. 
By the way, the sound quality of this version is much better than what you may have been able to scrounge around to find on the interwebs before now.   As this is another one from my own original tape collection of Bing things, I think you'll enjoy it too.


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