18/9/2021 1:57 am  #1

Some duplicate Chronological Bing Crosbys

Finally acquired a complete set of the Chronological Bing Crosby, after several years of picking up individual volumes piece by piece.  And now have duplicates of 30 of them: 1-10;  12-21;  32-39;  50 + 51

£8 was the original selling price per volume I am told (which seems to work out to 10.82 USD.)  So that's what I'll ask.

If anyone would like to buy all 30 volumes, I'd throw in burned copies of the other 21 volumes (11,  22-31, 40-49).  They would be CD-rs in plain white envelopes, but at least the buyer would have the music.  *Will allow a few days to see if anyone would like to take up that offer before selling individually or breaking into smaller lots.*  

NB - Please know that shipping from Canada is expensive.  Price to ship the lot to USA would be equivalent to $85.36 USD with insurance.  And to ship by airmail would be equivalent to  £142.50 GBP shipping with insurance.  A British buyer might prefer sea mail.


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