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Charlie Spivak - I Surrender Dear

I love the band of Charlie Spivak, and here is his 1941 version of the Bing classic I Surrender Dear - one of my favorite early Bing hits...


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Re: Charlie Spivak - I Surrender Dear

I've liked Charlie Spivak's lively jumpy songs too.  In either the late '70s or the 1980's the local radio station here used to have Joel Spivak hosting a call in news type show.  Joel was Charlie's son, once in a while a caller would call into Joel's show and talk about his father.  I used to listen to Joel's show back then, unfortunately in the years hence Joel has joined his father in that big Big Band Show in the sky.


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Re: Charlie Spivak - I Surrender Dear

I don't think Carlie Spivak's band was well known in Australia although David Kent's Australian Chart Book 1940-1969 credits him with having five Aussie chart hits between 1943 (My Devotion) and 1947 (Linda). I think I remember seeing his name on a photo of the marquee of a US cinema when Going My Way was being screened but perhaps I'm mistaken.


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Re: Charlie Spivak - I Surrender Dear

Great memories of Charlie Spivak! I didn't know about his son - thanks Archiefit!

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