26/3/2021 5:44 pm  #1

What I used to think was Bing's only comic

Here is the cover of what I thought was Bing's only comic book appearance:



14/4/2021 7:18 am  #2

Re: What I used to think was Bing's only comic

Ah, I remember seeing Perils of Pauline starring, I think, Betty Hutton.


14/4/2021 11:08 pm  #3

Re: What I used to think was Bing's only comic

Betty Hutton it was, Graham.
In lockdown in a hotel at Railway Square.
My fortnight is up on Sunday.
Full board for the 14 days at $1500pw.
Last Saturday new linen etc etc left at door so I had to strip and make the bed - not as good as the staff but the sheets are too big for my bed.
Meals are left at the door 3 times a day and you leave the returns outside the door.
Had a swab test last Friday and another on Friday.
On checkout on Sunday further testing, I believe.
My view from the 10th. Floor overlooks Railway Square andI can seethe platform roofs of Central Station. View north so sun all day.
Just as well I had a long book to read on the Royals.
I wonder what fresh air is like.


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