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I remember at the end of 1977 it was stated that it was a year of the most deaths of celebrities and well known people - Bing, Elvis and so on.
Well, I think that this year has been worse with the passing of so many well known identities- Olivia de Havilland, Sean Connery, Honor Blackman, Rhonda Fleming, Geoffrey Palmer, Peter Alliss and lots more.
To top it all in Australia it was devastating by bushfires (I was without power for 8 days) and California too. The UK had major floodings  and other countries as well had their problems.
Then the big whammy came along with the virus and places are in lockdown for Christmas and New Year.
We can just pray and hope 2021 will be better than 2020, which I thought was going to be a great vision year 20-20.
In the meantime let us all be safe and make the most of everything.
A Merry Bing and family Christmas and New Year.
Stay safe.


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Re: Deaths

Every year has it's share of celebrity deaths, and unfortunately 2020 is no different. In 1977 we still had a lot of the great legends among us, but as we pass 2020 the great stars are dwindling down. For my family, I look at the positives we had in 2020, and I just hope and pray that people that were affected by the pandemic and fires in 2020 will have a better 2021.

The only thing that is sadly certain in 2021 is we will probably lose more of the great stars and entertainers that were a part of our lives for so long. Luckily for us, we have their work behind to continue to enjoy.


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