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Bing on radio in Australia.

Graham Pascoe has written to me as follows:"I can't remember when Bing Crosby last received so much media exposurein Australia as in the current Victorian Seniors Festival Reimagined2020. It began in July and will conclude on October 31. Each week part of its 'Radio Reimagined' segment presents a new range of new radio programs including Bing Crosby and Friends. The programs can be listened to online at any time. To date, a few dozen have been produced, expertly researched and presented by Ray Stewart at Golden Days Radio in Melbourne. Some programs are devoted, for example, to Bing and specific artists such as Dixie Lee, Bob Hope, etc."

There are 32 half-hour programmes  and you can listen to them at:https://soundcloud.com/seniors-festival-radio/sets/bing-crosby-and-friends

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Re: Bing on radio in Australia.

Thank you Malcolm (and Graham). I have been listening to the first four shows of this series already. They are wonderful!


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