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Bing Crosby Million Sellers updates /more/

The 1946 publication by Dr.J.T.H.Mize found 'Crosby and The Bing Crosby Style' perhaps found Crosby at the height of his popularity, in records,radio & films. His noted appreciation of (then) radio success has little to compare to in 2020,but his listing of 'million' sellers ,I think ,does./'Sweet Leilani-',the (already aged) 1937 Decca release is noted at 850,000 copies, at the end of 1945.So (later) claims of over a million sales for this title just have to be from DECCA catalog sales-right? / As Crosby's 'White Christmas' is noted at 2,000,000 in the US & another 260,000 in Great Britain as a single, it's easy to figure that his (later) commercial re-recording in 1947,almost identical, could not have been figured in Mize's numbers. So should 'White Christmas' be listed as a million seller or twice, 'White Christmas 1,"White Christmas 'II? As the re-issued 1947 version IS the one generally being played on radio, as well as worldwide charted success ,into another century-correct?/The same would apply to Bing's first commercial  1935 Decca issue of  Silent Night'. In fact, along with  the other side 'Adeste Fideles',was noted, as a re-issue, as 'Bing Crosby's Biggest Seller' in a 1940 (US) Decca catalog. By the time Mize reviewed the 2 titles, Bing had re-recorded both sides (1942).Mize notes theses re-recordings as  'Silent Night'/Adeste Fideles, with sales (already re-issued to 1945, at 1,800,000.So,as subsequent re-issues, THESE are million sellers as 'Silent Night' I & II, and Adeste Fideles I & II-correct?/ The early 1940s ,as Mize, sometimes notes, was full of early 1930s re-issued (US) Brunswick product. As split between (then) Columbia re-issued original Brunswicks', & Decca re-issued Brunswick product, using the word 'Brunswick',these records,on 78 rpm 'albums',or  as singles ,sold very well.(They would later be re-issued on LATER 10 inch albums ,as well).Where are the combined sales of original Brunswick's,& the re-issued Columbia, & Decca's Brunswick's ? (Even 1931's Brunswick of "Sweet And Lovely" charted in (US) in 1944).There were also many overseas sales of this material.(Some of these titles were re-recorded by Decca, so I am not trying to combine stuff like "Stardust  or "Where The Blue Of The Day" )Where are combined sales figures on this pre-DECCA  stuff, with added sales after 1945?/ Thank you.


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Re: Bing Crosby Million Sellers updates /more/

I'd be interested to know if anyone has ideas about such counting.

Whilst I know next to nothing about this particular aspect of Bing's popularity, I'd think that Decca were counting the two "main" recordings of White Christmas as one. After all, to a great extent they preserved the fiction that the '47 re-recording was the original, showing the incorrect earlier date on all LP and CD issues despite usage of the '47 version into the 1990s.

In addition there was no need for them to keep different counts for any rights purposes.
As to the other titles  - -   ?


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Re: Bing Crosby Million Sellers updates /more/

The sales of Bing Crosby recordings (records),is part of a legacy that should be noted & explored. Considering population, advances in recording technic,& historical events like the great depression & World War 2,the huge success of THIS recording artist should be more documented. Many of these recordings can be part of a huge social change as well. The very fine CROSBY ON RECORD, by Edward J. Mello and Tom McBride, as edited by Thomas Gleason painstakingly tried to figure an 'original issue'. While 1950 was a lot later than it's published time (1950), it's a lot closer than (later) generations, including (us)."I've Got The Girl" was THEN unknown to most, but a lot of  recorded  detail, seems to be now discarded, or dismissed./Mello & McBride's look into BRUNSWICK REISSUES ON U.S.LABELS, more so notes an appreciation for this material, as well as hidden sales .Crosby's sales on Banner, Oriole, Melotone, Perfect, Vocalion ,Okeh ,Conqueror ,Romeo ,Silvertone, as well as labels that I have previously noted on 1940s (Columbia) & (Decca owned US Brunswick reissues) should be rounded up & counted ,when possible. They also note (mostly) pre-WW2 BRUNSWICK REISSUES ON FOREIGN LABELS, on ENGLISH BRUNSWICK,ENGLISH COLUMBIA,INDIAN COLUMBIA,AUSTRALIAN COLUMBIA,REX (ENGLAND),LUCKY (JAPAN) & FRENCH BRUNSWICK. This re-issued stuff could be counted by title./Crosby has been short changed for a long time, as many of these brilliant original recordings became less known .This was also part of Decca's own strategy .to sell ONLY Decca masters, unless (then) owned (Brunswick) masters owned by Decca,

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