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Bing Sings The Johnny Mercer Songbook

I have just bought this album along with So Rare on CD, and I am very impressed with the song book album. I find the 30s recordings both Decca and Radio performances sounding as good as they do, with the highlight being Day In, Day Out. The 40s selections seem pretty standard, although still good.

I find the 50s selections to be the best in this collection. The fidelity is great and you get some very touching performances from Bing. You get his radio versions of Autumn Leaves and When The World Was Young which are, to me, some of his greatest performances on any song. I would buy just the 50s tracks for the 11 dollar price, and I would be happy. This is a great release, and as someone who bought the Irving Berlin Songbook digitally, I vastly prefer this Johnny Mercer collection, although the Berlin one is still great. I hope we get another songbook album release sometime on the quality of the 3 songbooks from the BCE archives rereleases.

What do you all think of this release?

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