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Phil Crosby Sings Bing!

I wish I had more Phil Crosby records or he made more because he has a great voice!

Here is his 1963 version of Poppa Bing's theme song!


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Re: Phil Crosby Sings Bing!

Yes, Phil sang well, didn't he. Australians had many opportunities to see him, including television appearances on The Bob Hope Show (1959), Ford Showtime (1961 but shown as The Bing Crosby Show for Oldsmobile in the USA) and in person in 1965 when the Sydney newspaper The Sun-Herald  promoted his appearance at a leading hotel describing his career and his interest in football. In 1968 he was back on the TV screen in Bob Hope's Christmas Show and twice on The Hollywood Palace. His death 'from a heart attack'was reported in the press. (Those TV dates are when the shows were telecast Down under.)


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Re: Phil Crosby Sings Bing!

I met Phil at the old Sydney Hilton up at The Cross - Kings Cross. Had a beer with him but never went to the Night Club to see him.
I worked for Australian Oil Company - Ampol and gave him a book they published - Ampol’s Australiana.
I wonder what he did with it? Did he take it home or leave it behind.


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Re: Phil Crosby Sings Bing!

Ampol was was a well-known brand of petrol in Australia wasn't it Ron. I believe its headquarters were in Melbourne near the university, possibly on the corner of Grattan Street.. As you probably know, the brand name is to be resurrected following some changes in corporate matters here.


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Re: Phil Crosby Sings Bing!

No, Ampol was located in Balmain, Sydney. Bill Walkley - a Kiwi - started the Company. Bill along with a Norm Smith,  and others built a pipe line to the terminal in Newcastle. They would work during the dark of night to lay a pipeline under the railway lines near Tighes Hill and give the night watchman a bottle of Scotch to keep him warm in his little shed.
In the early days of the Company Bill knew all his employees at Balmain, from gate keepers to store men to drivers. As the company grew he couldn’t keep up.
I did meet him - was down outside his office, saw him at his desk and walked in and introduced myself. He was pleased that I did. However, if his normal secretary was working I would have been lucky just to see her, let alone Bill. She was over protective.
Tennis rep and broadcaster Ted Harris was an executive there. Ted was a bachelor and Bill told him he had to find a wife as there were quite a number of functions one had to attend.
Ampol was a good company, taken over by Caltex.
Years later I worked for Total, the French Oil Co, but they too were taken over. Total is still big in France, Europe and in Africa (I think)


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Re: Phil Crosby Sings Bing!

Ron I remember the Total brand. I believe a friend of mine named Peter Engelman worked for Total, probably in its Sydney office in the late 1960s.


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Re: Phil Crosby Sings Bing!

I wish Phil had done a whole album. He had a nice voice.

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