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Bing Sings On YouTube

A channel called the Hehr Archive that has been uploading Bing's recordings so far from 1926-1939, the only recordings not making it are different versions. The channel also has uploaded a lot of Bing's radio shows and the London Palladium LP with the Crosby round.

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Re: Bing Sings On YouTube

Boy, don't you wish the official Bing site did just 1/8th as good as this guy.   He's posted so many songs, I think he must be going thru the Jonzo sets.   He's doing a great job of getting Bing out there.   I wonder if he visits this site, he has an accent, sounds British, but he sure has posted good stuff to those who have never heard it.   Now if he has them, which he probably doesn't, I'd like to hear the Bing shows from 4/19/55 thru 12/28/56.  


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Re: Bing Sings On YouTube

I believe he is Australian, he said he got most of these recordings from the estate of the former president of the Victorian Bing Crosby Society  in 1993, and some songs I can tell were LP reissues as some had the reverb added.

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Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven.
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