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A Podcast For The Ages, well for now anyway

Howdy Folks,
I've got good news tonight.   After many years of making tapes of my own made up Sounds Like Radio old time radio program I recently decided to transfer 11 of my latest hosted shows over to a podcast.   I used to do a lot of recording (I've loved radio since I was 10 years old) then in 2004 my nephew ran by my "studio" and literally pulled the mic out of it's roots from the mixer.   Finally fixed that mic last summer after 15 years but now I use a new mic, just liked the old one to work again.  Then about a month ago I finally picked up the baton again and started recording some fresh shows.   My Sounds Like Radio show features the Great Gildersleeve radio program (which has been called the first situation comedy) along with my own snappy patter and I always try to include 2 songs in each show.  NOW, the reason why I announce it here is that many times (not in every show though) I play Bing Crosby songs.  The show's actually a lot of fun, at least I hope you'll find it so.  Gildersleeve was only a 1/2 hour show so you won't be tied up long listening.   I would suggest if you listen you start with "Episode 1" of Sounds Like Radio, as I follow the original episode guide order when featuring Gildy for each Sounds Like Radio program.

I called myself Your Humble Host on the podcast site.  I do hope you'll give it a try, I prefer to listen as I make breakfast.   Good thing about radio you don't have to sit still and watch the speaker as you listen.   So give it a listen and you may even like it and the music is great.   It's right here and it's absolutely free too:

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Re: A Podcast For The Ages, well for now anyway

That's quite interesting I need to say!


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Re: A Podcast For The Ages, well for now anyway

Thank you Tom Joe.  I actually never planned on turning these into a podcast, someone told me I ought to have a podcast so I just figured out how to do it yesterday.

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Re: A Podcast For The Ages, well for now anyway

I think that we need more of these and you mustn't stop.


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Re: A Podcast For The Ages, well for now anyway

The 11 shows I posted are the new ones I just did last month.  But I have tapes of shows I did years ago hosting my Sounds Like Radio with Gildersleeve and Bing music as the main features.   In fact back then I used so much Bing songs in the show that my Aunt who I had sent the tapes and later CDs to finally told me that she really doesn't like Bing.   WHAT???  After the many tapes I sent her cause she did like listening I never knew she  didn't like Bing.  That was a shock to me.   I blackballed her ever since.   (I'm kidding, I still sent her shows but I did try to use less Bing.)   But I've been dormant on producing new shows since 2004.   So hope you all will enjoy them.

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Re: A Podcast For The Ages, well for now anyway

Thanks! I like it and I can say only that there is always not enough Bing. Some members of my family sometimes start to roar, when I show them Crosby's recordings, but I think that it does not matter and sometimes they will understand how great he is, too.


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