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I am new member of this forum and now I'll introduce myself.

     Dear gentlefolk from all over the world, or maybe I should say – hats and cats, I’m Tom Joe Mortel and I am new member of this beautiful society, dedicated to beautiful Bing Crosby.
       I am a writer, who have published no books yet, because I think that they “aren’t good enough for anyone else to read, I just write, write different books”. I think, I can call myself a person of art, because I can’t live without my work – without writing something.
      Now I’m writing story about Bing and Fred Astaire, called “The Thing, Fred and Bing”, about them and one little creature, called the Thing. If you know there is a song from “Bing Crosby and his Hollywood Guests: 45 golden recordings” (1997) with the same name (The Thing). This song become a short retelling of my own story, partly fantastic, but it doesn’t matter, because I try to find as more truly facts as I can, about these people, mostly about Mister Crosby, his life and living, because despite the fact I respect Mister Astaire very much he isn’t Bing, they have nothing in common (and that isn’t strange), but Bing is “one I adore” without any reason, only because he is he…
       May be if you won’t be against that, sometimes I’ll post it as Word document in Bing Crosby society, so you’ll have a chance to read it. Not soon, but I think it does not matter, because my story is about him, mostly and there is nothing what could be evaluated negatively. I do not write anything, that could offend someone and end up being closed by censorship.
      Also, if it is interesting to you I plane to write three more books about Bing and others, called: “Never been kissed”, “If I knew you were comin’, I’d’ve baked a cake” and “Poor people of Paris”.
       I already made book trailers to them, covered by songs with the same names, so it also can look like only clips on music and made a presentation to all that.
     I want to be somewhere, where Bing is alive as he is in my heart, and to talk to people who feel themselves the same and now I’m happy that I can talk to you. Everything we have is songs Crosby made, music of the past – great music and each other to talk to about him and everything, connected with him. I think that he is not only a voice of Christmas all over the world, but something much better… He is real, he is understanding kind, because he did everything for people, and as I can imagine very few for himself, and it must be remembered any way. His soft marvelous voice helps “to cure any wounds”, to feel that you aren’t alone. He seems to pity all those people, who feel bad and congratulates those of us who feel good. So he is one of the greatest people for me, and it will take long to tell all of the to you in details.
       If to say some words about how I found out about him, I can say that it is a long story, but I’ll be glad to tell you everything. I liked to listen to Elvis Presley earlier (but sometimes I thought, that his songs sound strange and now I know why it is so, because they were written for Bing and nobody, except him can sing them right), one day my grandfather and I were talking about “My way” and about Frank Sinatra. I like him to really much and after once, when I was listening to Sinatra’s “Let’s fly with me”, I find “Swinging on a star” sung by Bing Crosby and it was beautiful, but I soon lost this recording and had no way to find it again, because it was hard for me to remember the performer’s name, I remembered only the voice… After that I listened to Dean Martin too, and only between Sinatra-Martin’s recordings I saw Crosby again and after “Style” I make a decision to watch “Robin and the 7 Hoods” (1964) to see who is the most beautiful of them. And I only become more sure, that I like all of them, Sinatra, Crosby and Martin, but… But I already knew that Bing is the best singer from all others and he simply took my heart. After I learned some information about him, exactly his discography and filmography, I didn’t know who Bob Hope is, but I thought that it will be interesting to watch some films with Mister Crosby, so I find charming old comedies – “Road to…” movies. They were light like no other comedies I ever watched, and I understood that it is that. I love Bing really much, so understand me.
         So I’m totally old-fashioned and maybe Bing’s time would be the best for me to live.
         The last words I can say are: “I love Bing Crosby and will be devoted member of the society. I will be happy to talk to you and find new information to work with.”


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Re: I am new member of this forum and now I'll introduce myself.

Welcome Newbie, though you sound like you've heard a song or 2 by now.   But brand new or just newly discovering Bing, you'll find the more you discover when it comes to Bing the more  you'll find to like.  I started out as a Bing fan in the mid-1970's when I first heard his Philco Radio Time shows on an Old TIme Radio program in my area.  Until then I had seen Bing as a kid on Hollywood Palace and sometimes I'd watch his Christmas specials but I can't say I was ever a fan till I heard his radio shows.   They started me on my long path of collecting and discovering BIng.   I've loved  every minute and still do everytime 1 of my Bing records pops up in my computer's Media Player in it's "Random" playback mode so I hear a whole lot of other similar era music there beside Bing, but when Bing pops up it's like a special treat.   Just like it must have been in the old days when radio stations actually played good music including Bing records amongst the many others.  Bing was a surprise delight then just as it is today for me with the computer random play. 

Well, could go on, but I'll hesh up.  Oh, by the way. it was Phil Harris (another one of my all time favorites) who had the real hit version of "The Thing", if you haven't heard this original version you're missing out.   I'm sure it must be on Utube hear it there if you've never heard it before.  Its THE version.


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Re: I am new member of this forum and now I'll introduce myself.

I know that "The Thing" was first recorded by Phil Harris and I really like his version, but I think that Phil imagines this creature as something, that scares everybody, and it is not the same with The Thing which was shown by Bing and Fred. They, I think wouldn't ever train and show to the public something that scares them and so, in my opinion it is fluffy creature, not monster.
It was really interesting for me to read your story and to hear from you, because I had no way to talk to somebody about Bing yet.
Also I have one question and will be happy to hear an answer on it: “What do we know about “Pittsburg Pirates”, and Bing’s place in its history, except that he was the owner of this baseball team and “The Tigers” also. Can you help me? I find very few about that, but want to know more.
What Bing’s songs are your favorite? (yes, that’s strange question, because I, personally, can’t answer this question, I like everything sung by him, but may be you can.)

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Re: I am new member of this forum and now I'll introduce myself.

Welcome to this wonderful forum. If I had to choose two of my all time favorites is That's What Life Is All About and Autumn In New York

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Re: I am new member of this forum and now I'll introduce myself.

Well, I'll trade questions with you.   I am not familiar or at least it doesn't come to mind Bing & Fred Astaire ever singing The Thing.   Where is this from or what is this?   Did they sing this song in a TV show, guessing it would have been a Hollywood Palace show, but this is just me guessing.   Educate me on this.

I'm sure folks here could give you answers on some details on Bing's ownership of the Pittsburgh Pirates.   The only thing I know is what I've heard.  Bing bought in and years later had to sell his ownership over conflicts of interest or some such thing.  I really can't speak to this.   It may have had something to do with his involvement with Del Mar Race Track, though this is just a guess.   Ask someone who knows on this, I'm not expert here.

As for Bing favorites, yes I could come up with a few off the top of my head, but I like everything he's sung.  I prefer his '40's and '50's records and early '60's records but I like a lot of his LATE '30's stuff too.  I'm not a big fan of his early '20's and early '30's stuff, even I have my limits.

Some favorite Bing songs of mine that I fell in love with the first time I heard them:
The One Rose Left In My Heart
I Can't Begin To Tell You
You Tell Me Your Dream
all his songs from "Holiday In Europe" album
Home On The Range (the '40's version of the record)
Who Gave You The Roses
Ain't Got A Dime To My Name
Smile Right Back At The Sun
Friendly Mountains (love the yodeling)
In The Land Of Beginning Again

Well, I'm sure I could name 100 more, but those are some of top of me head Bingers.

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Re: I am new member of this forum and now I'll introduce myself.

Hearing about “That’s what life is all about” I always remember “Softly as in a morning sunrise” and “At my time of life”. Great songs!

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Re: I am new member of this forum and now I'll introduce myself.

Thanks, Archiefit, I think that I can tell you some words about "The Thing" (song). It is covered by Bing and Fred in a radio show of 3 January 1951 and recorded on 24 December 1950, as Richard J. Baker said and released first in "Bing Crosby and his Hollywood Guests: 45 golden recordings with friends" in a year of 1997. It was in the show for Chesterfield series.
I think that you heared about movies with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, such as "Holliday Inn" and "Blue Skies". Also they recorded an albom together, called "A couple of song and dance men" (1975) (There was a song with the same name in "Blue Skies" and it was beautiful funny melody) and there are a lot of interesting songs which they sung together. 
Thank's a lot for information you give to me, I think it will be helpfull too.

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Re: I am new member of this forum and now I'll introduce myself.

As for The Thing, just goes to show when you haven't heard a particular episode in a while you forget about it.   I even have that CD you reference and I'm actually listening to the song right now.  It is the song The Thing, almost, they changed all the words.   But still it's fun, it was a Bing radio version take-off of the song, not the real song.


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