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Greetings To All!

Hello everyone! I'm fairly late in joining as a fan, it wouldn't have hurt to have done so earlier! Anywho, I'm from the Western US, Los Angeles, CA, so close to some Bing-linked locations. One of our local radio stations, KOST, starts playing Christmas music non-stop starting November, so it was almost impossible to avoid hearing Bing. "Mele Kalikimaka" did it for me! As of now, I tend to radiate in between his late 1920-40s tunes, but there's no clear-cut limit! Here are some examples: Rhythm Boys/ Whiteman-era tunes; Side by Side, Shanghai Dream Man, Changes, The Calinda (1927) There's No Sweet Man, Sunshine, Makin' Whoopee (1928) Little Pal, Reaching for Someone, Orange Blossom Time, S'posin' (1929). The '30s; Shine, Cabin In The Cotton, We're a Couple of Soldiers,(1932), Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn(1933), Little Dutch Mill (1934), popular I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams and I'm An Old Cowhand. The '40s; Pistol Packin' Mama, San Fernando Valley (1943), McNamara's Band (1945), The Freedom Train (1947). This is NOT a final list! There are SO many gems out there. Also, let's not forget the film soundtracks and the Kraft/Philco/Chesterfield/etc show broadcasts. There's always something new to find, at least for me. Although the majority of tracks I listen to are those of Bing, I also some Gene Austin/Autry, Rudy Vallee, Nick Lucas, and Russ Columbo; Deano and Perry are fantastic, but I'm afraid to say that I'm not a big Sinatra-fan. Bands are included, but it's a big list! My overall tastes in music, film, radio(?!), fashion is influenced by these periods. I hope I didn't overwhelm anyone with this gigantic paragraph, and I wish you all the best.


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Re: Greetings To All!

Welcome to the forum!

Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven.

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Re: Greetings To All!

Nice to 'meet' you and to learn about some of your favourites. I'm on the other side of the ocean in Australia, in the rural city of Bathurst some 130 miles west of Sydney, our largest city. So you couldn't avoid Bing on radio before Christmas. If you lived in Melbourne (our second-biggest city) in 1947, as I did, you couldn't avoid hearing Bing's recordings on radio, which we called wireless. In any week there were almost seven hours of programs devoted to playing Bing's records exclusively on seven radio stations. The Australian Bing Crosby Society meets in Melbourne every two months and shows a Crosby film so if you go to Melbourne try to time your visit and they's make you very welcome, after the corona virus problem is eased.


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Re: Greetings To All!

Welcome from cloudy England! 


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Re: Greetings To All!

Welcome to our Bing world.
How wonderful it is these days that we can have a small item that has so many songs on/in it to listen to as we go merrily along our way.
Growing up in the 1940/50 Australia, visiting record stores to find a Bing record and then the worry of travelling on public transport  - train/bus - with a 10” shellac record held close to the body to avoid breaking it.
I remember borrowing a 10” shellac record of Bing - Deep Purple - and travelling with it hoping not to break the borrowed item. Maybe that is why I am bald now having had the worry of it all.
So, enjoy your collecting and the early 1930’s Bing had a great output of songs of various titles and didn’t seem to be too restrained on what he recorded.


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Re: Greetings To All!

Welcome from a Bing fan in Pennsylvania. 
With everyone in a forced lockdown now, it's a great time to get caught up on Bing too!


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