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Command Performance #169 ; GI Journal #86

Star Spangled Radio  Hour #516 includes 

(AFRS H-18-169)
Recorded April 5, 1945
CBS Studio A
6121 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, CA
Ken Carpenter, announcer
Bing Crosby, host
With Marilyn Maxwell, Johnny Mercer, Lionel Barrymore, Dame Mae Whitty, and the Charioteers.
Maj. Meredith Willson and the AFRS Orchestra

AND also

(AFRS H-19-86)
Dedicated to the VOA/AFRS Persian Gulf
Recorded Friday, March 9, 1945
CBS Studio A
6121 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, CA
Harry Mitchell, announcer
Bing Crosby, host
With Marilyn Maxwell, Allen Jenkins, Mel Blanc, Leo Cleary
Army Air Forces Training Command Orchestra
38th Base Unit (1st Radio Production Unit)
Directed by M/Sgt. Felix Slatkin 

Stream or download 

For listeners in North America and elsewhere outside Europe the link is   

For those in Europe Dennis M Spragg has a mirror site 

They include
Command Performance
This Heart of Mine (Bing ), 
Saturday Night (Marilyn Maxwell, vocal), 
Mr. Crosby and Mr. Mercer (Bing Crosby and Johnny Mercer, vocal), 
Dear Old Girl (Bing and the Charioteers, vocal), 
The Fifth Marines (Bing )

GI Journal
You Belong to My Heart (Bing), 
You Made Me Love You (Bing), 
How Could You Love Me Like You Do (Marilyn Maxwell, vocal), 
Beautiful Love (Bing), 
In the Good Old Summertime (Bing Crosby, Marilyn Maxwell and the studio audience)

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Re: Command Performance #169 ; GI Journal #86

Bing is told that he should give up singing and seek a proper job!
Also an amusing reference to a certain Frank. 
There are situations and jokes that I'm sure would not pass muster these days.

At the end of the podcast we are promised a new show next week in remembrance of the end of the war in Europe which will include "Anyone who was anyone", without naming names.


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Re: Command Performance #169 ; GI Journal #86

Thank you Richard. This is a very interesting source and I have enjoyed many of their shows.


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