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Re: Kraft Music Hall - May 27, 1937

Thanks for that. Bing was in splendid voice wasn't he and made a mediocre song like 'Where Are You' listenable. A question about one of the photos: Who was pictured with Bing at the gate (to Del Mar I presume)?


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Re: Kraft Music Hall - May 27, 1937

Guess that lady would have been an ordinary punter.
It was opening day at Del Mar.


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Re: Kraft Music Hall - May 27, 1937

I couldn’t agree more about “Where Are You”, Graham...
I hadn’t heard that song for quite a while but I’ve listened to it a few times today. It’s a pleasant enough song, but Bing just elevates it. I don’t want to sound too arty-farty about it, but I really do think it’s a remarkable piece of vocal artistry. Thanks for posting it, David...

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.


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