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High Society Soundtrack - question

On 'Well, Did You Evah' I've noticed in most versions I've heard of the movie soundtrack recording, besides in the movie, doesn't include Crosby's ad-lib, "You must be one of the newer fellas."

I saw something on the Wikipedia page for the album saying that some sources say Crosby never said that. Is there any truth to this? I have a few ideas about the actual reason, but I'm not sure. Would it be wrong to say it was an in-movie ad-lib? As when he says it, it almost seems like he said it during that time was Sinatra taking a sorta double take. The audio also goes into a very regular movie mic sound for a minute, in other words a drop of quality, when he says that.

Does anyone have any answers?

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Re: High Society Soundtrack - question

The 'ad lib' comment was included in the original mono LP, inserted into the studio recording, apparently from the film soundtrack but the audio "atmosphere" was noticeably different.. The stereo LP was not issued until some years later, and omitted the comment. The audio difference would have been even more noticeable on the otherwise stereo disc, but whether it was left out for that reason I cannot say. I know nothing about the suggestion that it was not Bing's voice, but I suspect that is wrong. Bing said it in the film and I think the snatch is taken from the soundtrack.


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Re: High Society Soundtrack - question

I agree with you. That's why I was asking why anyone knew anything about that 'theory' on wikipedia. I've noticed most of the mono, at least doesn't sound like it compared to the stereo copy I've heard, sounds like it was badly recorded from the film at least on the Frank Sinatra The Complete Capitol Singles collection (which was in stereo to my knowledge, but is badly remastered here), so I conclude, at least on some of the original mono ones, it could have been using the recordings from the actual movie and not the soundtrack. Boy, that's a run-on sentence if I've ever seen one.

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