25/12/2019 5:51 pm  #1

Mr. Music

Spent last night wrapping presents and watching Bing Crosby in "Mr. Music". The movie was entertaining but sort of a light plot. The music (not suprisingly) was quite the highlight! Very disapointed to realize that I don't have any of the songs from the movie in my music library!


19/6/2024 4:15 pm  #2

Re: Mr. Music

Sadly apart from "Life Is So Peculiar" which was sung in the film of "Mr Music"  as a duet with Peggy Lee , I feel that this was the beginning of the period where Bing was starting to record some mediocre songs for his movies, sadly the plot was very thin as well,  I didn't like Robert Stack's character thought he was miscast and Nancy Olson was wasted in her part fortunately Bing still had good and better films to come.


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