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Louis Armstrong and Gary Crosby

I'd be interested in everyone's take on the recordings Louis Armstrong made with Gary Crosby in 1955. Do you think Armstrong was just doing it as a favor to Bing. Gary really isn't a bad singer...


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Re: Louis Armstrong and Gary Crosby

I saw Gary and Louis at the old Sydney Stadium in the 1950’s. Never got to meet him though.
Louis was to keep an eye on Gary during their tour. In Sydney 2KY presenter Brian Howard was asked by Bing to keep an eye on Gary as  well.
Brian used to present a ‘Bing and Swing’ programme on 2KY. 
There was a Bing and Swing rugby league side playing in the Balmain District junior league competition on Sundays. Team colours - naturally - were Blue and Gold. They did pretty well over the years.
1966 I got to meet Phil when he was at the Hilton.
I knew Brian and he gave me newspaper clippings of Bing. He contributed to a service that sent him clippings from any printed info on Bing. He was pally with Bing.


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Re: Louis Armstrong and Gary Crosby

That's an entertaining duet and Gary did well.


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