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Steamboat Bing Sings Again

One of my daily haunts (this is Halloween ain't it?) is to visit the movie blog site Greenbriar.   Well today I was pleased as punch to see the latest article all about Bing & W.C. Fields in the movie MISSISSIPPI.  Bing gets a positive review too even if the blog author does show his ignorance when it comes to Bing movies.  I also "commentate" in the comments section to inform him of BIng's other fist fights in his other movies.  Go here to read all about it:



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Re: Steamboat Bing Sings Again

Thanks Lee. I checked the blog out. It is pretty nice. A lot of the pics from Mississippi I hadn't seen before. I think it is one of Bing's better films from the 1930s.


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Re: Steamboat Bing Sings Again

Thanks for that. Yes, some beaut photos. Was the cameraman really so close to the actors?


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