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Bing and The Ashes

Sky Sports TV UK is using the Bing/Andrews Sisters/Dick Haymes recording of, “Anything You Can Do...” in its TV ads for the current UK Ashes series, which I believe is some sort of cricket match between England and Australia. (Ron might be explain to explain it to the rest of us..!)


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Re: Bing and The Ashes

You know for some reason I do not like their version of "Anything You Can Do". There's just something about it I do not like - nice to see Bing in ads!


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Re: Bing and The Ashes

Prefer Bing/Andrews version better than Betty Hutton.
Oh, Jeremy, the wonders of Test match cricket is something I really look forward to although to attend these days is expensive.
Nothing like it really.
During the 1970’s I was in a queue at Lords and a bloke came up and gave me his ticket and said to tell John??? That he had to attend something else. Told the bloke but he didn’t come back after the lunch break. After the game I saw actor David Tomilson walking along and he said a friendly ‘hello’ even though we didn’t know one another.
One time at The Oval I saw Dennis Compton, who was then a reporter - red lined face, probably from too much of the malt. So different from the dashing batsman of the late 40’s early 50’s.
Bit of rain at Lords at the moment.


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Re: Bing and The Ashes

Jeremy, The Ashes refers to a series of cricket matches played between Australia and England every couple of years, dating from the 19th century. After an Australian team of colonials (the federation of Australia had not yet been formed) beat the Pommies, the Brits gave the visitors a small urn which supposedly contained the ashes of English cricket to take Down Under. The present series of five matches is being contested in England. Each match is played over five days. As I write, Australia has won the first match and the second was drawn. Carn the Aussies!


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Re: Bing and The Ashes

An Australian Aboriginal team toured the UK in 1868 - the first to tour. It was another 10 years before another tour.
England toured USA and Canada in 1859 and Australia 1860-61 and 1862-63.
In the 1930’s cricket was played in Hollywood and actor C. Aubrey Smith was the captain - he had played one Test match. Others included David Niven and Errol Flynn and there were a host of English actors including my namesake Ronald Colman.
Nothing like Test match cricket between Australia and England.
Wonder if Michael Crampton will visit Headingley later this week for the 3rd. Test.


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Re: Bing and The Ashes

Well Jeremy what a great Test match in Leeds.
Wonder if Michael was able to get in.
Nothing like a Test match between England and Australia.
The great writers couldn’t write any better than the story at Headingley.


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Re: Bing and The Ashes

Thanks to Ron and Graham for their input...
I don’t really follow the cricket, but even I got caught up in the drama of the latest England come-back..! All to play for...

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