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Bing's beautiful 1938 ballads

Hey there all!

As I mentioned previously, I've been listening through *most of* Bing's recorded works starting from around 1931, and on Monday I hit 1938 and was blown away by four particular ballads that just floored me:

So for me, as much as I love rhythm/swing numbers, I have aways adored a gorgeous ballad with a moving string arrangement. To come across these tracks, with Bing singing so beautifully and sincerely, and those perfect arrangements backing him just knocked me out. I hope there's plenty more of this to come!

I've noticed a vast improvement in the arranging of the songs in particular right around this point and I can't wait to keep going! I just wanted to share how much of an impact these particular recordings had on me and wondered if they had the same impact on others!



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Re: Bing's beautiful 1938 ballads

Hi Brady,

Yeah these are Bing's recordings where he sing some near opera songs. He was in good voice here, but I have to admit I haven't listened to them in years. I will have to dust them off and give them a listen to.

By the way, on my You Tube channel, I have uploaded over 100 more rare Bing Crosby numbers that you may like. You'll have to check it out!


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Re: Bing's beautiful 1938 ballads

Hullo Brady. Like you and Lobosco I reckon Bing's records of Victor Herbert songs are well done.Wig Wiggins and Jim Reilly's discography shows that some of the Aussie Deccas were the first to use some of the takes. They were good sellers in this country. In 1969 an Australian radio personality Norman Banks (whom Ron Field may remember) interviewed Bing who responded to a question about his own favourite renditions by referring to the Victor Herbert songs which 'I thought, for me ... were well sung'.


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Re: Bing's beautiful 1938 ballads

Don’t recall Norman Banks - at that time I was living in Montreal after having lived in Wembley Park.


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Re: Bing's beautiful 1938 ballads

As we know, by the 1940s Bing Crosby was famous throughout the world. Norman Banks was influential in introducing Australians to Bing Crosby in the 1930s. He was an announcer with Melbourne's radio station 3KZ and in April 1934 that station broadcast  A Half Hour With Bing Crosby which was almost certainly the first Australian radio program dedicated specifically to playing Crosby records. Banks was probably the announcer. In 1936 he interviewed Bing in Hollywood. Banks moved to station 3AW in the 1940s and must have been supportive when that station formed The All Australian Bing Crosby Club in 1945.


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Re: Bing's beautiful 1938 ballads

Ah! Graham, that is why I had never heard of him coming from ‘south of the border’.
In Sydney we had Brian Howard on 2KY with his Bing and Swing Club. He also had a rugby league team in the Balmain district junior league also called Bing and Swing rugby league team. On another station there was Alan  Toohey. Reg Grundy and Howard Craven were others.
I used to write them asking for Bing. Even getting them to play Bing recording of a song made popular by another artist who had the big sales. The stations were always accommodating.
Those days they would kick of at 6.00am and close at midnight.
One station always started with Bing’s ‘Start the Day Right’. Another finishing with ‘When Day is Done’.
I used to open every session with ‘Going My Way’ and finishing with ‘When Day is Done”


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