02/2/2019 8:09 pm  #1

Bing Crosby And His Jeep

I got an email from someone that owns a jeep that was reportedly owned by Bing.

Here's what he wrote:
Back in the mid 1980s I bought a early Willys CJ2A jeep, #13011, from my cousin Jim Ginella. He owned property just outside Elko, Nevada at the time. He told me he had bought the jeep from Bing's gardener, who had bought it from Bing a number of years prior to that. He also mentioned that Bing had a lot of property near Elko, and he apparently bought the jeep for use at his ranch there. I have been unable to prove this but I have no reason to disbelieve what Jim told me, I've never known him to say anything that's not true. So my question is, does anyone, anywhere, have any photos of Bing with a beige CJ2A jeep?

I have looked everywhere for a picture or more info but no luck. Can anyone help?



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