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Bing on DVD versus Blu Ray

While going through my Bing film/TV collection this weekend, I noticed that I have none of Bing's films on blu-ray, with the exception of the Criterion "King of Jazz" blu-ray from last year. I know that there are only a few that have been released on blu-ray, but for those films that have been and for those on this board who are in possession of them, are there any films that noticeably *better* on blu-ray versus DVD. I suspect that "White Christmas" probably looks very good on blu-ray (I'm surprised this hasn't had a 4K release) - are there any others that are worth the upgrade?

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Re: Bing on DVD versus Blu Ray

Thank you for the input! The HD version of "White Christmas" that is streaming on Netflix looks quite good, as well, so I'm assuming they are from the same HD master?

Out of all of Bing's films, I figured that "White Christmas" stood the best chance of getting a 4K release. I will probably end up getting the blu ray, though - the odds of a 4K release are likely very slim.

Zane Johnson
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Re: Bing on DVD versus Blu Ray

This is a bit of an old, thread but wanted to throw in my two cents:

I have Holiday Inn, White Christmas and the recently released blu ray of The Bells of St. Mary on Blu-Ray and they are all excellent.

White Christmas absolutely pops with vivid color and the sound mix is great coming out of a 5.1 system or nice soundbar. Much better than old DVD or tv broadcasts that I've seen (and better than the print Netflix was using - not sure what their source is now, or if it's even still streaming). I'm sure a 4k release of this would be even more eye popping, but it's been well treated on blu as is.

Holiday Inn I have very little to compare it to, but the picture quality seems good to me, nothing to complain about.

The Bells of St. Mary is the real treat - recently restored and released by Olive Films, I was really pleased with how good the picture quality was on the new blu. Beats the heck out of versions I've seen previously, and includes some really nice bonus material. This is a must-have for any fans with a blu ray player.


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