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Whiteman Contract Signing- 1926

In Chapter 9 of Giddins biography, Pocketful of Dreams, page 145, the author recounts Bing and Al Rinker being signed to Paul Whiteman's band.   He writes, "The next day they returned to Whiteman's dressing room with Al's dad to sign the papers."  This statement confuses me, as Al's dad seems to be mentioned several times as an absentee father by this time.  Sister Mildred doesn't even seem to know about her father's later marriage when the boys first arrived in Los Angles.  Any idea where the father was during that time, and how he magically materialized to be there when they signed the Whiteman contract?

Perhaps I missed something in reading, but the mention of Al's father surprised me.  Any insights from anyone here?  Reading the first volume, and I admit I may skim a bit here and there.  Amazing how quickly the lucky boys climbed the ladder to success.  As Giddins writes, it seems it was the perfect collision of many factors happening all at the right time.


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