11/5/2020 9:13 am  #26

Re: Jonzo Series... What happened?

Some great tracks on Vol. 16, AND you get to hear the infamous argument with Jack Kapp..!


12/5/2020 9:33 pm  #27

Re: Jonzo Series... What happened?

I just got in "The Chronological Bing Crosby Volume 33" and I am very pleased with it. It's weird hearing the 1942 version of "White Christmas" so clean and without the damage we find in the master copy or the overly noise reduced 20th Century Christmas Collection CD.

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12/5/2020 11:58 pm  #28

Re: Jonzo Series... What happened?

Some of the songs on here have inferior sound quality to the official issues, but even then that's not always the case (first time I noticed Bing's head cold in Easter Parade.) A few of the Christmas songs (Adeste Fideles, Silent Night, Faith Of Our Fathers, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen) sound a little bit better on the official releases, but overall I'm quite happy, and can't believe these were off of 78s. The only other track I'm slightly disappointed in was Be Careful, It's My Heart as it has better sounding commercial releases. Despite these tracks I am very happy, and I'm not trying to bash the Jonzo series in any way, this is just my honest opinions, Personally though some of these tracks sound way better on here than anywhere else, like the "B" take of White Christmas for instance. Overall I am very happy to be receiving this release. 

Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven.

13/5/2020 7:51 pm  #29

Re: Jonzo Series... What happened?

I just received volume 16 of the Chronological Bing Crosby releases, and I'm very happy with it again. The tracks on it don't sound as good as the best sounding ones of volume 33, but there isn't as much fluctuations in quality as there is on volume 33, but the tracks all sound fairly good considering the sources. I love the alt. takes.

Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven.

17/5/2020 1:05 am  #30

Re: Jonzo Series... What happened?


About 12 years ago, I contacted an American seller of these CDs, who very kindly referred me to a gentleman in Harrow, Middlesex. I believe that this was John McNicholas who produced The Chronological Bing Crosby CD volumes (presumably re-mastered from good quality 78 rps records).

At the time, I was (voluntarily) assisting some residents in Stanmore (L.B.Harrow) who were opposing a developer making unwelcome planning applications next door and near to their rear gardens and windows and when I spoke to Mr McNicholas, I told him that I would be visiting Stanmore shortly and asked if I could meet him in Aylmer Drive at the home of the main objectors.  Mr McNicholas duly came over and kindly brought me Volumes JZCD - 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24 that I had asked for and he also brought an early Volume but I had most of the early songs on many assorted CDs so I didn't purchase the earlier Volumes or other later ones.

When I joined this Forum, it was because I noticed it when I was searching the Web to see if Volume 29 was on sale. The song I wanted was "You're Dangerous" because the version I have has been "CEDAR" processed with a slight reverberation effect. Mr Richard Baker kindly explained to me that Mr McNicholas had retired due to failing health several years ago and moved into a care home (not always the safest of places to be in these days!) and that all his stock had been sold to a dealer who advertised them on the Web.  I wonder what happened to all the many valuable 78 rps records used for re-mastering?

I noticed someone had mentioned obtaining duplicates now and then, so if by any chance someone might possess a duplicate of Volume 29, I'd be very glad to hear.  The Volume includes Bing singing Dorothy Lamour's romantic song "You're Dangerous" (composed by Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Burke) which was originally flirtatiously sung by guitar-playing Dorothy to Bob Hope in the "Road to Zanzibar" (1940).  

Regards, Victor (W.London). 17th May 2020

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17/5/2020 2:30 am  #31

Re: Jonzo Series... What happened?

I thought John lived near Wembley Park. I used to purchase my Jonzos directly from him as I at home in Australia.
I lived in Wembley Park in the late 1960’s, played rugby for London Midland (LM) Rugby Club and worked at Alcan  Foils up behind Wembley Stadium. I used to have a beer at either the Century (got banned as I called the barman an Irish git or something and he didn’t like that) so drank at The Torch.
5 of us Aussies shared a house in Brook Avenue. In the summer we would go down to Wembley Central to Sainsbury’s shopping then the butcher shop bus back, drop off groceries and veggies, put a couple of steak and kidney pies in the oven, then to The Torch until ‘stumps’, which was 2.00pm, home for pie and crash, after a belly full. This was summer, winter was rugby.
The area has changed quite a bit. Back then there were still the left over buildings of the World Fair in 1924. Those buildings are gone now with the rebuild.
There are railway stations at Wembley Park (Metropolitan line)and Wembley Central (BR and Bakerloo)  and the Stadium Station served from Marylebone.


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