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Coming Soon - TCM in March

TCM in March will be showing two rare Bing films! TOP O THE MORNING I don't think think has been on television since the days of the BETA recorder in the 1980s! They will also be showing THE KING OF JAZZ - more to follow!


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Re: Coming Soon - TCM in March

King of Jazz is now looking beautiful on the new DVD, I assume TCM will be playing the restored version.  I watched this a few weeks back, it's a combination of oddities, cuteness, interesting dances, kooky costumes and a young colorful Bing.  Guess you can't go wrong.
Yes, I read about Top o' The Moanin coming in March too, March 10th to be precise on TCM.   The last time I was able to see this on TV was 20 some years ago when AMC showed it back in their commercial free good old days of playing just classic movies instead of the crap they play today.  AMC used to be like TCM is now.  Of course no one would ever dream of recording a movie from AMC with their VCR.  Or, heavens, never today from TCM, recorders are only for recording home videos, everyone knows that.  I do hear some people record off TV too, but that couldn't be, why would VCR's have TV tuners on them anyway, must have been a mistake by the manufacturer.

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Re: Coming Soon - TCM in March

I have a VCR/DVD recorder that still works great. For some reason I can not set the timer anymore, but I can record a movie directly on DVD as long as the DVD is DVD+RW one. The other ones don't work.

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Re: Coming Soon - TCM in March

I use DVD-R discs mainly and sometimes DVD+R discs, I don't have a problem with either.  The DVD+RW discs are the types you use to record something over and over again, you can watch something on them, erase it, and you get back again the space you took up with the program you just watched and erased.  I use these type disc to only record temporary things, like Judge Judy, after I watch one I erase it and I can keep using the same disc to record more and more.  With normal discs -R or +R if you record something and then decide to erase it you lose that space that the erased show took up.   Example, a 4 hour disc with a 2 hour movie on it, if you erase the movie, you're only left with 2 hours on the disc to record.  If you record and erase from the remaining 2 hours you'll lose that time too.  The RW discs you can continue to record and erase and record and erase till the disc finally dies on you after 100's of re-recordings, all this as long as you don't finalize it, if you finalize it, you can't record anything on it anymore.  That's why I use them for temporary shows only and I never finalize a RW disc.


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