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Forgotten Bing Recordings

I uploaded to my You Tube channel a handful of recordings by Bing that are pretty forgotten - but I kind of like them.

This first one was a Jolson hit that Bing covered in 1947...The Anniversary Song



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Re: Forgotten Bing Recordings

Here is a number that Betty Grable sang in the movie "My Blue Heaven" (1950). Bing sang a nice version of this song, also in 1950...


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Re: Forgotten Bing Recordings

Finally since December is already here, here is a song that was supposed to be in 1954's White Christmas. Irving Berlin wrote this for Bing and Danny Kaye to sing, but it was cut from the film. The audio thankfully survived...


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Re: Forgotten Bing Recordings

Thanks especially for the 'cut' song.I believe that many songs were written for movies and Broadway shows but not used, for various reasons but sometimes were revived for other features.


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