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DVDs and CDs for Christmas

From time to time our household (and many others in Australia, I 'm sure) receives a catalogue of DVDs and CDs available from a firm titled Entertainment Masters.Its 68-page Christmas edition arrived by post this week. Bing is represented. BING CROSBY CHRISTMAS COLLECTION includes a White Christmas DVD  and a CD with 12 of Bing's Christmas songs; 2 DVDs promoted as  'A Christmas gift idea' with Holiday Inn (the 1942 movie) and Holiday Inn: The New Irving Berlin Musical-Broadway (2017); and finally 'THE ROAD TO' COMEDY COLLECTION  of DVDs of six of the 'Road' movies, The Road to Hong Kong being excluded. Oh, I nearly forgot that a set of 4 CDs titled 'The Golden Age of Comedy' includes Bing and Al Jolson's duet of 'The Spaniard that blighted my life'. I'm sure they'll all be big sellers.


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Re: DVDs and CDs for Christmas

With Christmas Bing stuff for sale this year, I saw the Bu Ray edition of Holiday Inn for sale & most importantly it included the colorized version!!!   You can't find the DVD for sale anymore with the Coorized version but it was nice to see that it's still available for those with a Blu Ray.  By the way, last year I bought the Blu Ray of this and I don't even own a Blu Ray player and hope never to own one.  But just in case the colorized version is no longer available some day, I want to be sure I have it.  This is the only blu ray I own.  Oh, also that lousy play version of Holiday Inn was also included, guess you can use it as a coaster. 


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