14/10/2018 7:03 am  #1

In Remembrance

Another year since 14 October 1977



14/10/2018 11:21 am  #2

Re: In Remembrance

Yes my two favorites died on this day, Errol Flynn in 59' and Bing Crosby in 77'.


14/10/2018 11:47 am  #3

Re: In Remembrance

Just listening to “Seasons”...


14/10/2018 5:13 pm  #4

Re: In Remembrance

Had to have my Bing and Errol double last Sunday because there is another event using the Roxy. I had 25 turn up. The movie last week-end had attendances of 7, 16 and 6, so I guess we did alright - I was, of course, hoping for more but 25 was okay.


14/10/2018 8:33 pm  #5

Re: In Remembrance

Definitely playing "Seasons" tonight. 

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

15/10/2018 9:45 am  #6

Re: In Remembrance

Ron Field: where is your theatre located (in case I can come next year) and what movies of Bing & Errol did you screen? Thanks!


15/10/2018 6:08 pm  #7

Re: In Remembrance

Morton in Washington State. About 90 miles or so south of Seattle and about the same north of Portland, Oregon.
We're 31 miles east of I5 on highway 12.
Last year I showed Road to Bali plus Santa Fe Trail.
This year I showed the six Bing Mack Sennett shorts plus Errol's very first movie - In Wake of the Bounty - made 1932. It was half movie and half travelogue of Pitcairn Island.
Errol was only 23 at the time, then he went to England and appeared in a couple of films, now lost, and also in 1934 then to Hollywood and his first there Captain Blood 1935.


16/10/2018 10:12 am  #8

Re: In Remembrance

Let me know dates and titles for next year and I'll do my best to get out there from Upstate NY! They are my two favorites!


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