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Jonzo CDs for sale/swap - See details

After failing to collect the entire Jonzo CD series over the last few years, I decided to post here.
I currently own Jonzo CDs 1-39, except for these volumes:  22, 23, 26, 27, 30, and 31. 
My goal is to acquire the missing Jonzo volumes (plus #40-51), and possibly the Through The Years discs.
If you own any of my missing volumes, but want to keep them, I will gladly trade CD-Rs of my volumes for CD-Rs of the missing ones.  I will also consider selling my original discs if that will get me a complete set of recordings.
I am more interested in hearing the music than possessing CDs and booklets, so any idea is welcome.

Please use this odd email to reach me: 



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Re: Jonzo CDs for sale/swap - See details

So far as Sepia's "Through The Years" series is concerned I think you will find that most, if not all, are still available.
Sepia's own site is here http://www.sepiarecords.com/
but many on line suppliers also list them.

Best of hunting for the Jonzos. Some new, sealed copies are still listed on eBay, though unfortunately none of those which you seek are shown now.



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Re: Jonzo CDs for sale/swap - See details

Michael Crampton of the International Club Crosby is always offering many of the Through the Years CDs.


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Re: Jonzo CDs for sale/swap - See details

Thanks for the info.

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Re: Jonzo CDs for sale/swap - See details

The system blocked me from replying to any private messages until I made 3 posts, so here is my third one.

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