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Holiday Inn In Color

I rewatched the colorized version of Holiday Inn this past weekend, and it is remarkable how great the movie looks in color. Why has colorization kind of disappeared now. You don't hear or see many old movies/tv shows being colorized these days. This is a question for old friend Lee.

Where is he?

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Which Bing Film Would You Like To See Released on DVD?


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Re: Holiday Inn In Color

Some films just would not be the same shown in colour.
All those gangster films and the direction and filming are really good in B & W - cleverly used shadows and light etc.


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Re: Holiday Inn In Color

I think that HI is one of the better conversions to colour. Not so gaudiest as so conversions. It is a lighter colour. Some are really too bright and unreal.


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Re: Holiday Inn In Color

You rang?   Ahh, my favorite subjects, Bing & Colorization!!   I love both.  I reserve the week before Christmas to watch Holiday Inn, and now I am so happy to every year to be able to watch this movie as I have longed wish I could, IN COLOR!!   Literally decades ago I remember saying. of all movies, this movie begged for color.  Unfortunately, this movie was weakly colorized (as opposed to beautifully colorized seasons 1 & 2 of Bewitched and season 1 of I Dream of Jeanie) the color in Holiday Inn looks faded out, like a b/w photo that has had color weakly added to it.   So I have overcome this problem by turning the color intensity dial on the TV all the way up, then the color on the screen looks normal in Holiday Inn.   
Now for a great source of just how perfect colorization can look today I refer you to this genius of colorization:  http://pop-colorture.com/
Click on any of those round color pictures you see and you'll see an excellent example of many different shows colorized the best way you have ever seen.    Unfortunately this guy has not been hired (yet, I hope) to colorized these TV shows, Lucy SHow, Munsters, Honeymooners, I could go on and on of shows NEEDING to be colorized.   I'm always so happy to watch my colorized versions of many movies and TV shows, esp. Casablanca and Big Sleep and all of the John Wayne Republic movies, they look fantastic in color and I would never watch them again in b/w as long as I have a choice to see them in color.  

As for today, I Love Lucy & the Dick Van Dyke Show still have twice or three times a year color specials on CBS, but this is not nearly enough, even though each time these colorized TV specials is shown the ratings go thru the roof.   We need to see complete series releases of I Love Lucy, Honeymooners, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits and so many others.   I believe these shows will eventually show up on DVD in colorized versions, I only hope I live long enough to see it.  


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Re: Holiday Inn In Color

Hi Lee!

What movies do you feel would benefit from color? Do you think it is too expensive for the companies now to colorize the old movies? (Since DVD sales are flat these days)

Of Bing's movies I would love to see The Star Maker colorized and what is an Irish movie like Top O The Morning without being able to see the green!


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Re: Holiday Inn In Color

I'd like to see Top O' The Mornin' in color and would really love Welcome Stranger, Here Comes The Groom & Riding High all in beautiful living color.   Wow, I'm having palpitations just thinking about it.


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Re: Holiday Inn In Color

Here Comes the Groom is a splendid movie, even in black-and;white but, yes, it would be even better in colour.


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Re: Holiday Inn In Color

I haven't seen a new classic movie colorized since Holiday Inn. Is there a market these days for that?

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