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Spinning the vinyl

Lately I have spent a little time listening to some records I have purchased on my old record player!

Holiday in Europe, Bing Crosby's Treasury - The Songs I Love, and Hey Jude/Hey Bing!

As I type this I realize all these albums are from the 60's!

I'm not sure what different playing it on vinyl would make but I did enjoy Holiday in Europe more than I have before. Sitting and listening to the record player versus driving while it played much just offer a better listening experience. 

Bing Crosby's Treasury was a real standout for me. I know the complaints and I agree, not enough Bing but it's a really pleasant collection to put on the player and just listen to. I wish the whole collection was available on CD!

Hey Jude/Hey Bing - sadly the record on my inexpensive and vintage record player sounds better than the digital download copy that I have! This isn't a great album but it does have it's charms and I really with a remastered version was available. 

Now if my copy of Seasons would just arrive  


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Re: Spinning the vinyl

I remember the cover of that Longines Symphonette album set, I don't really know if I got that one or not,I remember though a lot of the songs are Longines songs which I didn't know would be there when I bought those Longines album sets (I do have at least 2 of them) .   I was disappointed also there wasn't all Bing but they were enjoyable.  And they were later put onto CD in one of those "Harry Lillis" CD's "Lillis, Love & Little Covered Wagon".  

But as for "Hey Jude & Bing" that album sounds really lousy no matter what record player you put it on.  It was either recorded with a really bad mix or cheap mics or just plain cheap production when they mixed and set up the record.  It seems all the Hey Bing albums sound bad. 

But listening to Holiday In Europe is always a pleasure, maybe I should try listening to it on my stereo again, but it really sounds nice on the computer and in the car from the CD download to Mp3.


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