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BBC Archive on 4 - Bing Crosby Meets

I just noticed this old programme is available on iPlayer - it was repeated on Radio 4 Extra a few days ago.

Bing Crosby Meets
Archive on 4

Ken Barnes - Bing Crosby's record producer - explores how this beloved American crooner also maintained a high profile radio career. One out of four Americans tuned into his Kraft Music Hall.

For 30 years, Bing Crosby was the King of Radio, hosting over 4000 broadcasts - including singing and speaking with stars like Louis Armstrong, Groucho Marx, Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald and Bob Hope.

Producer: Caroline Barbour

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2001.

Release date: 29 December 2001
Available now


This has been posted elsewhere but I didn’t see it before I wrote this. See the Announcements forum for further discussion.

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Re: BBC Archive on 4 - Bing Crosby Meets

Duplication can be a good thing! Saw your post on this yesterday and listened to it yesterday afternoon! Would have likely missed it without your post!


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