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Sing like Bing!

Curious to know if anybody on here ever takes a turn a karaoke and sings a little Bing? I've enjoyed doing a few Christmas tunes but I find outside of that the selection is a bit slim and several songs that I would love to sing are not available. 

Just wondering if anyone else likes to go out there and sing a bit and if so what songs they do and maybe where to find some tracks!


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Re: Sing like Bing!

I'm afraid I haven't tried to sing with along with Mitch LOL, but if I ever decide to sing any Ricky Ricardo I'll give you a ring to join me on the duets!

I am however just disappointed that songs like "Seasons", "That's What Life Is All About", "Mountain Greenery" or heck even "Hey Jude" aren't available for karaoke! I think they'd all be a lot of fun to do!

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