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40 years

Just today, but 40 years ago, Bing recorded his very last songs for a radio programm:

Feels Good, Feels Right
The Only Way To Go
Summer Wind
The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful
There's Nonthing That I Haven't Sung About
As Time Goes By
Once In A While

Of course, you can findt those great rendidions on the CD "Seasons" (together with the 12 Songs of that last album, that he recordet in September 1977).

The day before he played his last concert, on October 10th 1977 in Brighton.

It is so sad, that they don't release some new suff in those days. 
I hoped for it for a while, but until now there's nothin' new on Amazon + co.

The newest CD ist "Join Bing + 101 Gang Songs", released in April 2017.

Is he nearly forgotten?


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Re: 40 years

He'll never truly ever be forgotten whilst theres still a Christmas, but unfortunately for the vast majority this is the only exposure they have had of Bing. 

Although same can be said for Roy Wood, and he's still with us!!!!

Hard to grumble though....we have had quite a number of releases over the past decade, but theres always room for more!!

"Seasons" though. Away now to pop that on the CD player


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Re: 40 years

Just caught the tail end of the BBC 2 radio show and it was said that Summer Wind was the last recorded song and not Once in  While.
Will try and see if they will be holding the programme for a few days.
Stumbled across the show from 11/10/1987 with Ken Barnes - 28 minutes.


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