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This board

I have had to be absent from this board for a short while and am sad that on my return I discovered that there has been total inactivity.

The old saying "Use it or lose it" is possibly appropriate. We are in the lead up to a significant anniversary and I hope that this might give cause for some reflection - sharing of memories perhaps, or other contributions, however small, to keep interest alive and provoke comment and reaction.


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Re: This board

Couldn't possibly speak for every one else, however current inactivity on the board may reflect the lack of activity relating to Bing at the moment.

We were very lucky to have a few years of consistent releases of Bings music and films but it has all slowed down (dissapeared) again, although hopefully for a short period only. Whilst I would love to see much more music being issued or reissued, I'm also equally enjoying the time to enjoy the music I picked up. I'm thinking that since approx 2008 we saw a large increase in quality Bing reissues and at times dare I say,  the came along too frequent to fully digest all of the music on offer.

I'm particularly stuck on Through the Years Volume 6 at the moment.  The track Secret Love has long been a favourite and keeps pulling me back to this particular volume, however its a superbly balanced volume in the whole.

I also keep delving back into the Mosiac box set (which has recently been reissued again if others are  interested) and keep finding new delights there.

As you highlight Richard we are almost at a significant anniversary and hopefully this will encourage more releases or at least spur Mr Giddins to complete Volume 2 of his book.

On another note, not Bing related, I did pick up the latest Johnny Mathis album and he is sounding fabulous for 82 years young.


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Re: This board

Gary Giddins has completed Volume 2 and it's with his publishers. I agree with you about the new Mathis album.


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Re: This board

Released for Christmas???? Please Santa!!!


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Re: This board

Sorry Kevin. It will be next year.


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Re: This board

Malcolm Macfarlane wrote:

Sorry Kevin. It will be next year.

Sadly, it has been "It will be next year" for MANY years....

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

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Re: This board

I have been spending October by listening to Bing almost exclusively. The significance of next Saturday has not been lost by me.

But, sadly, the words from those near UMe are that all future official Bing releases are on an indefinite hold. They are $$$$$ driven and Bing hasn't sold well enough for them since they took over his catalogue.

And it looks like Mr. S is not far behind with a stoppage of new product from UMe. There is still a  glimmer of hope from his Columbia catalogue from Sony...but just a glimmer.

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All the best,
Paul M. Mock

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Re: This board

A reflection of the times I guess. Its a bit sad but the slow up of physical sales as oppose to streaming is at a real risk of killing off reissues of such material. When established current acts can no longer make money from album releases, you can understand record companies reluctant to invest in older material.

I do see "digital" only releases and re-issues starting to creep in more and more and wonder if BCE were testing the water with the digital only Shall We Dance and With All My Heart compilations a few years back.

Infact I saw the first Amazon Original produced album yesterday (Lisa Loeb). Done in the same manner as producing thier own films and TV shows. Available for free streaming to Prime members and wonder if this is a further move away from the norm.

As for me....I only do physical formats...no streaming....so if changes continue I will save a fortune.

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Re: This board

I am hoping with Gary Giddins new book it will bring more interest. The sad thing is Bing has been gone 40 years now, and it took too long for the owners of his recordings to really try to sell Bing. The owners of Sinatra and Dean Martin's material have done a good job of marketing them as compared to Bing.

I'll never get tired of Bing Crosby, and I am proud that my 7 year old son and now my 4 year daughter listen to and know who Bing Crosby is!


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