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Board Not but Man On Fire

Thought I'd wake up this board with an interesting article I found on Bing's "Man On Fire" movie.

Here's the article, enjoy and comment:


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Re: Board Not but Man On Fire

Very interesting and thanks for spotting this. "Man on Fire" is not one of my favourites but Bing's acting was excellent. However I wouldn't want to watch the film again, which is something I don't say about many Crosby movies.


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Re: Board Not but Man On Fire

Thanks for this. I was always puzzled by the motivation for the film. I concluded that Bing wished to have another stab at a non singing acting role. But why? He can't have been losing faith in his musical ability.
I agree with Malcolm - I think I have seen it twice, long ago, and I'm not keen to see it again.


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Re: Board Not but Man On Fire

I think I've only seen this film twice, maybe thrice at most.  It's definitely a downer and not the kind of film I like to see Bing in.  Not happy with Country Girl for the same reason.   Guess Bing wanted to prove he could act, but we already know that from ALL of his other films, so why?   Anyway, I may have to pull this dour little number out again to see it, maybe it's better than I remember.

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Re: Board Not but Man On Fire

That's an interesting article. MAN ON FIRE received favourable reviews when it was first screened in Sydney and Melbourne but it ran for only two weeks at central city cinemas, much shorter than Bing's previous films. I don't recall whether I've seen it.


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Re: Board Not but Man On Fire

Growing up my Grandfather hated the dramatic films Bing did, but I really like this film. I think I will rewatch this again. I really like Bing's version of the title song Man On Fire. No one really mentions that hidden gem.


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