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Judy Garland - Classic Duets

Judy Garland was the "resident" guest on the earlier shows for Philco in the 1940s, and an occasional visitor later.
She always delivered highly spirited renderings of her songs, with lots of energy and humour. 
For the last several days I have been listening to a new four CD set named "Judy Garland - Classic Duets" which display that energy and effervescence a-plenty. Bing is the duettist on part of the second CD and most of the third. Other participants are Mickey Rooney, Gene Kelly, Johnny Mercer, Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire to name just a few. Most of the Crosby tracks come from the Philco shows but there are some with other origins. The CD set as a whole is delightful and is drawn from film soundtracks and radio as well as studio recordings. Though most of the Crosby tracks have been available on CD before, they originate from some years back and it is good to have them again.

Our indefatigable Bing Crosby devotee Malcolm Macfarlane was involved in the production and receives a credit in respect of the third CD.
Details here.



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Re: Judy Garland - Classic Duets

Judy Garland was a very underrated singer. I am more of a fan of Judy's Decca recordings - just listen to her versions of "No Love No Nothin" or "That Old Black Magic". However, I do like one of the more obscure songs Judy did later in her life. She recorded a song called "The Land Of Promises" in England in 1964, and it's a favorite track of mine.

I know the Bing and Rosemary Clooney duets are the most beloved, but I think the Judy and Bing pairing is my favorite.


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