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That Travelin' Two Beat

As I pick up new albums I want to share my thoughts on them. I thought about commenting on existing posts but some are several years old so creating a new post seems to make more sense. 

"That Travelin' Two Beat suffers from the classic issue with sequels and that's living up to a much superior predecessor. Not only isn't "Two Beat" musically as crisp and sparkling as 1958's "Fancy Meeting You Here" it also lacks some of the chemistry that makes the first album such a must have of anyone looking to add more than just the 'best ofs' to their musical library. (I was able to download the mp3 version of this album from Amazon)

That said there is much to like here, but it just doesn't have many highlightable moments. Maybe part of the problem is trying to continue the same 'traveling' theme from "Fancy Meeting You here" or maybe it's the Dixieland arrangements. I'm not sure. Bing will go on to do an album of various movie related songs, I wonder if THAT concept might have made for a better duet album?

Ken Barnes thought this was one of two albums worth mentioning from Crosby's 60's output. I haven't had the chance to listen to the album with Armstrong yet but there are others from the decade that I like more than "That Travelin' Two Beat"

 It seems any pairing of Crosby and Clooney is going to be enjoyable and this album is, I would give this one a B


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Re: That Travelin' Two Beat

I like That Travelin' 2 Beat too, I enjoy listening to Bing & Rosie singing together.  I guess I'm so used to hearing their 20 minute radio show that this album just sounds like a continuation of the radio show.  If I were forced to compare the 2 I'd say Fancy Meeting You Here is just a slight notch above, but really I love them both.


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Re: That Travelin' Two Beat

I find the album enjoyable but to me it doesn't really sparkle the way that "Fancy Meeting You Here" does. To me, the notch between the two of them is a bit wide. 

That said, when Clooney and Crosby sing together the chemistry is undeniable and I bought this largely on that alone! Also I was very happy to see that I could buy the mp3 version of the album right from Amazon. Which meant I didn't have to search for a used copy of the "2 for" CD. 

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