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Some Fine Old Chestnuts, Songs I Wish I Had Sung The First Time Aroun

I am very much enjoying a few expanded releases I just picked up (El Senor Bing & Return To Paradise) and I am wondering is it worth picking up "Some Fine Old Chestnuts" and "Songs I Wish I Had Sung The First Time Around"? Especially in light of the fact that both are included on volumes of Through The Years that either have or will have soon. 

On top of that, I have ordered "Some Fine Old Chestnuts/New Tricks" and can download the Hallmark version of "Song I Wish I Had Sung The First Time Around" for free legally through my local library. Considering that I seem to have these covered a few different ways are the "deluxe editions" truly essential?


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Re: Some Fine Old Chestnuts, Songs I Wish I Had Sung The First Time Aroun

Hi Ron1972,
I'm pleased to see that you are making such progress!. But you have now run into one of the perennial problems encountered by keen collectors, that of duplication. 

By avoiding duplication you might miss out on tracks that are only on a CD that otherwise contains things you don't need!

In respect of the titles you ask about - 
"Songs I Wish I Had Sung" as an LP had twelve tracks, as did a CD issue.

The DeLuxe version has a total  of 22 tracks, adding ten tracks from radio recordings in similar style .

Similarly “Some Fine Old Chestnuts” and “New Tricks” each had twelve tracks but the two were reissued together by MCA in 1998 as a single CD.

The DeLuxe edition of “Chestnuts” does not include the tracks from New Tricks but adds other radio material.

The DeLuxe editions include much more comprehensive notes and have the benefit of remastering over the last few years which might arguably have improved the sound though all were very good in the first place. All were however in mono. The New Tricks and Chestnuts albums all have Buddy Cole and his Trio as accompanists (piano, guitar, bass and drums).

Full details of the DeLuxe editions are on the Bingcrosby.com site 
Otherwise browse through the online Discography but because many of the items you ask about originated on the radio, some searching is involved, and it might be easier to start in the section relating to CD issues
Search by using the titles of the issued CDs.

By the way, if you ever get to the 7-CD Mosaic set THE BING CROSBY RADIO RECORDINGS (1954-56)
you will also find a considerable duplication of  the Buddy Cole tracks.



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Re: Some Fine Old Chestnuts, Songs I Wish I Had Sung The First Time Aroun

Hi Richard, 

As a long time Roy Orbison fan I have been dealing with the duplication of tracks for a long time! In fact "Only The Lonely" isn't very lonely because I must have 20 copies of it! I've also very quickly run into the same problem with Matt Monro where I have picked up a few different collections and now have multiple copies of the same song. 

I think the issue I'm having comes down to this.. I can't get both these albums courtesy of free downloads and have actually purchased one because I wanted "New Tricks" and bought the double CD to get it. So why by these deluxe issues? But I also hate to not buy them because of the extra tracks and then later on change my mind and find they are no longer available! Which is something that HAS happened to me with Roy Orbison and seems to be HUGE concern with Matt Monro and apparently there is already some Crosby stuff that once was available and now if you can find it used it's pricey... I hate that!

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Re: Some Fine Old Chestnuts, Songs I Wish I Had Sung The First Time Aroun

A problem that confronts all those with aspirations to have anything like a "complete" collection I'm afraid and there is no answer, or if there is I have not found it. However the DeLuxe editions do pretty near double up on the content and the "extras" are not very easily found elsewhere. 

The Deluxe albums are on Spotify for free streaming if you can accept the advertising. You can also buy downloads of individual tracks from them and from Amazon and others.

Speaking as one who has been buying and exchanging records for over 60 years now I have had the added problem of working through different formats - 78 rpm discs, LPs and 45s (singles and EPs) cassette tapes and CD. In addition I once embarked on a project to copy everything I had onto reel to reel tape (in order to eliminate duplication). That was replaced by Minidisc. Then digitised formats came along and the process started over again.  



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Re: Some Fine Old Chestnuts, Songs I Wish I Had Sung The First Time Aroun

Thankfully, I have only had to replace cassettes with CD's and RIP CD's to mp3's! Although there are a few things out there on vinyl that make me wonder if I should pick up one of those record players that can convert to mp3!

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Re: Some Fine Old Chestnuts, Songs I Wish I Had Sung The First Time Aroun

Richard's comment on 5th June includes reference to the comprehensive notes which accompany some CDs. That's a feature which wasn't important to me when I first collected Bing's recordings but now I find that some discs include some fascinating information. Malcolm Macfarlane has contributed much information of that nature on many of the CDs I have.


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Re: Some Fine Old Chestnuts, Songs I Wish I Had Sung The First Time Aroun

I have a problem of my own I don’t know whether to get New Tricks or Old Chestnuts at the moment, as I plan on getting them both but I can only get one at the moment.

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