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Bing on Afterglow

Bing (and Frank) on Afterglow in Voices on the Air!
The programme can be heard on demand from March 24rd on: http://indianapublicmedia.org/afterglow/voices-air-bing-frank/

From the programme announcement: "For nearly 30 years when radio was king, two singers dominated the airwaves more than anyone else: Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Both were pioneers of the medium—Bing just a few years ahead of Frank—and masters behind the microphone, able to translate the warmth and tenderness over the air like no other singer had done before. This week, I’ll be featuring both Crosby and Sinatra in the way they were featured to millions of Americans in the 20th century, through their live radio broadcasts."

Afterglow is a weekly one-hour radio program of jazz and American popular song hosted by Mark Chilla and produced by WFIU Public Radio.


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Re: Bing on Afterglow

Thank you Frans. I enjoyed that Voices in the Air program and looked at some of archived session titles which have a lot to offer fro music lovers.


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