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"Bing's Hollywood" art-work.

Wasn't sure which section of the forum to post this...

Does anyone have any information on the artist who produced the wonderful covers for the "Bing's Hollywood" series of LPs released by Decca in 1962? A signature is in evidence on a couple of the covers - most clearly on Vol. 6 - and it looks like it might be "Meese"...

A quick trawl through the University of Google hasn't come up with much - other than the fact that there is apparently some dispute as to whether "meese" is the plural of "moose"!

Can anyone help? (The artist, not the moose thing...) Do any of the originals still exist, I wonder?


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Re: "Bing's Hollywood" art-work.

I don't know but might "Meese" be Maas? i.e. George Maas, who was quite prolific in the period in question, most notably for Mercury - but I suspect that does not preclude working for other labels.

Signatures are often very difficult to decipher accurately and over time the writer can adopt very stylised shapes that don't relate at all to the actual letters they are supposed to denote, so I fear it could be anyone's guess. 

Some of the record companies just maintained an art/publicity department that produced more or less anonymous graphics. There is a fairly decent website dedicated to the topic here, but not very many of Bing's covers are shown.

A few individual artists became moderately well known - Steinweiss, Maas,  but I guess you had to be pretty well immersed in the subject to know names and styles.

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