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John C Marshall

News has reached us that John C Marshall, long standing Bing fan, has died.

John ran his own magazine devoted to Bing for some years and has written much. He assembled a vast collection of magazine and newspaper articles, posters and other contemporaneous matter which he assembled into slide presentations. There is a link to much of the material that he made available via the Internet archive above under  "John C. Marshall has much of interest - "  but the link does not work well because the Internet Archive inserts a request for donations.  

The following is more direct.


Not all the displayed items relate to Bing, but many do and some of the others have Bing related references
Look for items that mention Bing, "Footloose Follies" and "The Written Word". There are also some travelogues which are not relevant.
Yet another sorry loss..


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Re: John C Marshall

Oh, dear, one more has departed our way.
In the 80's I ordered some of Bing's films on tape - about 10 I think.
Anyway John said he had posted them and after nearly 3 months I received a letter from John 'where is my money?'. They still hadn't arrived.
Finally after about 4 months the tapes arrived and I promptly sent a cheque to a much relieved John.
Trouble with overseas surface mail is that articles go on the first available ship without the PO looking at the time frame, which I suppose is fair enough
RIP John.
I have a tape of an interview he did with Howard, which he included in the above. First time I'd seen Howard and what a big bloke he is.


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Re: John C Marshall

So sad - another loss of a great Bing Crosby fan.


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Re: John C Marshall

I'm sorry that I had not heard of Mr. Marshall but I went to the Internet Archive at David's recommendation and was very impressed.  I chose to watch his biography video he created on the life of Hopalong Cassidy, Bill Boyd.  I've been watching Hoppy westerns now for a couple of years and they're really entertaining and fun.  The video was very interesting and for an amateur creating his own "show" it was very good.  Thank you David for the info and the recommendation!


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Re: John C Marshall

I'm sorry to hear John Marshall died. We once met in Amsterdam, a long time ago, when he and his son visited The Netherlands on holiday. He had a kind of humour all his own and was a generous man when it came to sharing his Crosby collectables.
Perhaps it should be remembered too that, despite his more contemporary efforts in the Internet Archive, John compiled several Crosby LP's for (I think) MCA in the 1980s and issued many an audio cassette among collector's.
Rest in peace, John.


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