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Pod-o-matic Podcasts

"Buck Benny" has loaded another of Bing's radio shows. This time it is the very first Philco from 16 October 1946.
This one includes a guest identified as "Trowel Nose". Polite to each other weren't they?

Buck promises more though the site is mainly devoted to Jack Benny. 


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Re: Pod-o-matic Podcasts

Buck Benny has another Crosby radio show in good audio quality here.

Guests are Martin & Lewis.

This is followed by The Martin And Lewis Show with Bing as guest. Bing and Dean sing Sam's Song and there are also snatches of other songs where Lewis interferes. Personally I think Lewis was something of an acquired taste - a taste which I never did acquire.

Dates are (Bing Crosby)   November 7th 1951 (Chesterfield #80)
(Martin & Lewis Show) October 19th 1951

The listing giving details of the Crosby show on the site are clearly lifted from the "Bing" magazine website.


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Re: Pod-o-matic Podcasts

There is another Podcast from Buck Benny here 

This time it is from 28 November 1951 - 65 years ago.

Ella and Louis join Bing.

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