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Arnold Palmer

Sad passing of the King of golf.
The Golf Channel is just all about Arnold since Sunday night.
I wrote him about 5 years or so ago asking him about Bing. He responded with a nice letter which I was able to present at our Leeds meeting.
Arnold did a lot for golf just as Bing did in his way. Bing has been mentioned once or twice during the presentations.
Vale Arnold.


15/11/2016 5:14 pm  #2

Re: Arnold Palmer

I'll ad to this column.
This year, so far, there have been about 14 passing S of friends and others. Just the past week Kay Star and Robert Vaughn have passed on and earlier Muhammed Ali, Australian cricketer Max Walker and another whom I did not know. Leo Cohen but also some good friends of many years. 2016 not very good. As George Burns stated that the older he became he was running out of friends.

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