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New Bing Crosby Fan: Best "early jazz" CD(s)?

Hello, all!  I'm a brand-new member to the board, and I just posted over in "Member Introductions." (My name is Christopher.) As I mentioned there, I have posted a question about Bing's early material on another music message board and have, sadly, received no replies at all, so I'm going to re-post my message, with the question, here, partially as a longer sort of "introduction" of myself to the board.  Here I go! 

I've long been vaguely "culturally aware" of Bing Crosby, in the way that many of my fellow Americans are today-- as a crooner and movie star of a certain era who sang "White Christmas" and was also famous for playing an affable, relatable priest in Going My Way.  

However, very recently, my avid jazz fandom led me to finally stumble upon the Mosaic Records website (WOW!!), which, in turn, led to finding and listening to the samples from Bing's Mosaic box set (double WOW!!), which blew me away and have me now asking-- what is the best "jazzy" CD to start with from this great singer whom I did not even previously know as a jazz singer of any kind? Specifically, I'm looking for the very early Bing jazz material here if at all possible-- the "hot jazz" songs.  

My excitement at learning about Crosby's "jazz side" is such that I've already ordered the 7-CD "1950s radio sessions" Mosaic set, and I have the 1958 Crosby-Clooney Fancy Meeting You Here on the way too. However, obviously, neither feature Bing as the young "hot jazz" singer of the 1920s and '30s. Is there an obtainable single CD, and/or perhaps, a 2 or 3-disc set (within reason-- after buying the Mosaic set, I can't currently afford to spend hundreds of dollars for anything else) which showcases this side of Crosby? Thanks in advance for any and all help!


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Re: New Bing Crosby Fan: Best "early jazz" CD(s)?

Hi, Christopher, and welcome.

I have a fear when giving any recommendation, because tastes and views differ so much.

My personal preferences that I think go towards your specification  of "The young "hot jazz" singer of the 1920s and '30s" would include the following. There will be duplication of tracks here so you should carefully select from the listing.

1) A good many years ago CBS issued a 2LP set which was later issued as  CD set "The Bing Crosby Story Volume I:: The Early Jazz Years 1928-1932"
 here on Amazon 
2) "The Jazzin'; Bing Crosby 1927-40" again currently on Amazon 
3) "Bix n' Bing" also listed on Amazon
4) "Timeless Historical Presents Bing Crosby 1926-1932 here
5) For a slightly later era (mid to late 1930s to early 50s) and rather different style there is "Bing Crosby and Some Jazz Friends here 

All of these are very different in style to the Mosaic set and the others you list, but some can be sampled on Amazon and other sites (Look at the Timeless item 4 above for sampling and downloads).
This is a topic that others might like to pick up.

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Re: New Bing Crosby Fan: Best "early jazz" CD(s)?

Thanks so much for your recommendations, Richard!  They seem very promising!  I'm going to look up these recordings and see what I can hear of them online.  Even if samples are not available for some of them, that doesn't necessarily mean that I won't at least consider buying them.  I've already come to enjoy Bing's singing beyond any one particular musical style.  

At this point, I am very curious about his early jazz work, which is why I posted a question in that direction, but even within that context, I don't have hard-and-fast preconceived ideas about what his form(s) of "jazziness" will sound like. I am interested to learn more about it though. 

I should say that, at least for the near future, I am, for better or worse, restricted to solely buying CDs. I would dearly love to buy some Bing on vinyl, but several years ago, due to the expenses of repeatedly moving, I had to liquidate my turntable and record collection. It was quite a painful decision, but I had do it.  Now, I live in an apartment which is simply too small to have a serious vinyl collection.  As a bit of an audiophile and art lover, I do tend to prefer the sound and packaging of vintage records (in good condition) to those of many CDs, but for now, CDs will have to do. 

Thanks again for the recommendations!  I will post updates as I hear some of these recordings! 

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Re: New Bing Crosby Fan: Best "early jazz" CD(s)?

Christofer, Ebay has many to chose from. All different prices. Check it out.

Peace and Love! 

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Re: New Bing Crosby Fan: Best "early jazz" CD(s)?

Christopher, Sorry I spelled your name wrong in last post! 

Peace and Love! 

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