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New Bing fan from Maryland, U.S.A.!

Hello, everyone! My real name is Christopher, but as both my chosen username and the subject title here testify, I am a relatively new Bing fan!  Having just recently, at the age of 43, come to understand a bit of how great the man is (and I'm sure there is much more to come in my understanding of his work), I am thrilled to have found this board for fellow fans!  

I'm going to post a longer sort of "introduction" in another post elsewhere on the board, partially because a few days ago, I asked a question about Bing's early material on a very busy music message board that I frequent elsewhere, and disappointingly, even after repeated pleas for help from any Bing fans there, I received not a single reply.  I'm thinking that my chances will be much better here!    We shall see!  


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Re: New Bing fan from Maryland, U.S.A.!

Welcome aboard Christofer! I am 52 and a fan for around 24 yrs. now. My name is Carmela. I know a lot about Bing but there are many here who are long time fans, who know much more than I do. So you came to the right place.

Peace and Love! 

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