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Angel Radio

Angel Radio in Havant, Hampshire are putting on a special Bing Crosby fortnight to celebrate his birthday. This will be on air from the 1st May to 14th May on digital DAB over a huge area of the UK.
The two weeks will feature Angel Radio live shows but the recorded shows will be replaced by ICC member Jim Reilly’s Crosby shows 3 or 4 times each day with a smattering of Crosby radio shows too.
The channel will be found on the dial as 'POP UP - BING CROSBY'
The areas which will hear the shows for the two weeks are:
Ayrshire, Berkshire, North Hampshire, South Hampshire, Bristol, Cambridge, Cornwall, Coventry, Essex, Kent, Isle of Wight, Leicester, Norwich, Nottinghamshire, Peterborough, Plymouth, South East Wales, Sussex Coast, Swindon, West Sussex, West Wiltshire, Wolverhampton.


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