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KMH 1944

Another show posted on Retro Radio, this time from February 1944 with a young Donald O'Connor.

  • Bing sings  San Fernando Valley.
  • Marilyn Maxwell hears about the benefits of war bonds, then encounters Uki. It’s his birthday, but will he get presents, or insults? Will there be a surprise party inshore for him?
  • Marilyn sings  Tess’s Torch Song.
  • The Charioteers sing  Little David Play on Your Harp.
  • The 18 year old Donald O’Connor faces being drafted, but today he wonders what it would be like to have Bing for his father. Will Donald get to borrow the car, or get the talk about birds and bees? Jokes about the generation gap abound. Disagreement on fashions, friends, slang, and more. Parents just don’t understand teenagers. The age old problem.
  • Bing and Donald roll back the clock to 1938 and a song, Small Fry.
  • Bing sings  I’ll Be Seeing You.



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Re: KMH 1944

Superb quality!


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